Another Dubious Android Situation

Judging from the comments in the article, one has to wonder if this promotion is going to work out well.

Samsung’s sales have been sliding downward for a while now, and it’s getting creative in its attempts to win new users. Today it announced an “Ultimate Test Drive” promotion targeted at iPhone users: Pay $1, and you can try a Galaxy S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, or Galaxy Note 5 for 30 days on your choice of Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile.

Especially when security issues around Android are major news. “Temporary” new users and a major security flaw sound like a bad combination.

An Android update designed to fix a security hole in the operating system is itself flawed, it has emerged. In July, a vulnerability that affected up to a billion Android phones was made public by software researchers.

Google made a patch available, but security company Exodus Intelligence said it had been able to bypass the fix. Exodus Intelligence said the update could give people a “false sense of security.”

Phone manufacturers are responsible for updating their own devices with the latest software. But many do not, while some companies use customised versions of Android which take time to rebuild when security changes are made.

For these reasons, only 2.6% of Android phones are running the latest version of the operating system.